“Internet of Things (IoT)… connected computers and sensors are going to be in literally everything that you interact with.”
- Robert Scoble of Rackspace

Finding Cost-Effective Turnkey Energy Efficiency Solutions Tailored to Business Objectives

IoTOur industrial IoT solutions are strongly focused on improving energy and operational efficiency, productivity of operations and safety to increase return on investment.

The emergence of the cloud has truly created the modern day Industrial Revolution. By installing economical sensors and smart meters we are now able to collect, process and analyze huge amounts of rich and highly granular data. This information can be sent around the world in real time so it can be used by business leaders and managers to improve performance.

Making Information Work For Our Customers

Legacy specializes in working with Manufacturing, Industrial and Commercial clients to save energy. Our focus is on the following critical areas:


  1. Energy Intelligence We install smart meters and sensors to measure, survey, investigate and conduct Energy Studies in order to:
      • Measure and document load breakdown to dramatically improve understanding of how and when energy is being used;
      • Identify all the loads, systems and areas where energy efficiency can be achieved; and
  2. Smart Metering and Energy Monitoring – We custom-design and install metering, monitoring and targeting (M&T) systems. Our real-time Energy Information Management System (EIMS) allows managers to identify and monitor Enterprise-Level Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for energy use in order to achieve continuous Operational and Maintenance savings. Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) Incentives up to 80% of capital investment per site.  
  3. Turn-Key Energy-Efficiency Projects – Our vast experience with many clients gives us perspective and insight. We incorporate best-practice energy-saving measures into affordable projects that reduce the cost of operations and maintenance while producing a superior and competitive ROI with Payback in 12 – 24 months. Custom Project Incentives of 50% or more.
  4. Measurement & Verification – M&V is integrated into all of Legacy’s energy efficiency projects. Through detailed studies and extensive use of sub-metering, we develop an accurate energy-use baseline for comparison. This ensures that:
    • Progress towards greater efficiency can be monitored and documented;
    • Maximum incentives and subsidies can be received on energy-efficiency projects;
    • Project Payback, ROI and NPV can be accurately calculated in order to prioritize capital allocation for similar projects in the future.


Over time we have learned that business leaders are only motivated to invest in energy efficiency measures when they can successfully align corporate sustainability objectives with practical and cost-effective energy-use and operations objectives. The results of independent research, as represented in the chart to the right, show that reducing the total cost of operations is the primary consideration for most business leaders when they prioritize objectives for energy management projects. Therefore, for most businesses, energy efficiency projects must compete for capital on the basis of ROI and Payback, just as all other projects do.

“… companies are demonstrating that taking action to address our changing climate is not just a moral imperative – it actually makes good business sense.” Penny Pritzker Secretary of Commerce at U.S. Department of Commerce

Our Mission

Working in partnership with our customers to design turn-key energy efficiency projects that compete effectively as attractive capital investment opportunities offering the highest ROI and the shortest Payback.

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