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Michael Grudić, B.Com. President & CEO

Cell : 416-882-0901

Michael founded Legacy EnerSave in 2006 after becoming increasingly concerned about the Global Warming crisis. The world is consuming and wasting excessive and unsustainable amounts of energy. Nearly 50% of all the energy is being consumed by Manufacturing, Industrial and Commercial businesses and these sectors represent the biggest opportunity for achieving critical energy efficiency improvements. Legacy was founded to provide leadership and expertise to business leaders in meeting the challenges of achieving greater energy efficiency.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance and Marketing. Early in his career, practicing as a Chartered Financial Planner, Michael acquired advanced training, knowledge and experience in taxation, investing and finance. As a seasoned Marketing, Sales and Finance executive, Michael recognizes and is keenly aware of a simple truth about business: Priority for capital expenditures is always given to projects with the highest ROI and shortest Payback.

Michael’s leadership and vision is rooted in a belief that Legacy's success is based not only on designing energy efficiency and management projects that reduce energy waste, lower carbon emissions, and lead to a more sustainable world; First and foremost, Legacy EnerSave must continue to meet the challenge of designing projects in partnership with our clients to effectively compete as an attractive investment opportunity for capital by offering the highest ROI and the shortest Payback.



Oscar Robichaud Project Manager

Cell : 506-533-6237

Oscar has more than 30 years of senior operational, maintenance and supervisory experience in manufacturing plants. Highly regarded and respected among his peers, Oscar's vast experience gives him special insight and understanding into the operational and maintenance challenges our clients are faced with daily. 

In his role as a Project Manager, Oscar is responsible for electrical surveys and for design and installation of all electrical components and systems for energy conservation. He has a Red Seal certificate as an Industrial and Commercial Electrician and he has advanced training and experience in Instrumentation and other common and essential manufacturing systems. 

Oscar's working knowledge of electrical distribution systems and the integration of electric motors, drives and other common manufacturing systems is critical in identifying opportunities for energy savings. This knowledge and experience are the key reasons for Legacy's success in making electrical distribution system modifications and equipment installations that dovetail seamlessly into existing operations. Oscar's most vital and critical contribution is to serve as a communications bridge between the realities on the manufacturing shop floor and the boardroom where project decisions are made.

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