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Efficiency Measures & Incentives

For most businesses, energy efficiency projects must compete for capital on the basis of ROI and Payback, just as all other projects do. Legacy works in partnership with our customers to provide leadership, experience and knowledge of best-practice methods and measures for achieving greater energy efficiency.

Developing an Energy-Efficiency Habit

AccountingPageEnergy Studies and implementation of Monitoring and Targeting systems reveal opportunities for energy savings. However, Legacy’s goal is to assist our customers in developing a “Habit” for energy savings.

It has been said that to succeed in forming a habit, one must:

  1. Know ‘What’ to do;
  2. Know ‘How’ to do it;
  3. Want’ to do it.

Wanting to save energy and wanting to reduce operating costs is the most important part! By outsourcing highly specialized and technically challenging energy conservation initiatives, our customers who want to realize energy savings can benefit from certain positive outcomes while avoiding major risks.

machineLegacy has proven experience to know what energy-saving measures measures are available and feasible and how to implement them in a way that is cost-effective. We help design turn-key energy efficiency projects that compete effectively as attractive capital investment opportunities.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Knowing what energy efficiency incentives are available and maximizing their value can make projects far more affordable. In many cases Payback on projects can be reduced to as little as 12 months. Legacy has detailed knowledge and experience with incentive programs and we can provide assistance with helping our customers to:

  • Choose the right incentive program to maximize available funding;
  • Help with completion of application forms to avoid confusion and expedite approvals;
  • Carry out Studies and Audits that are often required to build a business case for energy efficiency measures and related incentives;
  • Help select and install the most effective and reliable equipment, devices and sensors;
  • Design and install turn-key projects;
  • Design and carry out the Measurement and Verification (M&V) of savings actually achieved for validating the payment of incentives;
Various generous incentives are available in many areas. The details for the Ontario SaveON Energy Program can be found here. back to top