Turn-Key Energy Efficiency Projects

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Turn-Key Energy Efficiency Projects


Legacy custom-designs Turn-Key projects to increase energy efficiency and reduce total electrical energy costs by up to 30%.

Our first priority, always, is to complete projects without disrupting operations and, whenever possible, without replacing any major equipment or systems.

Our vast experience and knowledge of proven energy-conservation and efficiency strategies and best-practice techniques ensure certain and predictable results on every project or equipment installation.

 .OscarBy outsourcing highly specialized and technically challenging energy conservation initiatives, our customers avoid major risks while enjoying benefit from certain positive outcomes such as:

  • Custom-designed facility-wide energy conservation measures that are well -planned, well-executed and integrated;
  • Ability and freedom to focus on core business activity without distraction or loss of productivity; Energy savings that are predictable and verifiable;
  • Energy savings that are predictable and verifiable;
  • Unexpected Operational and Maintenance efficiencies and savings;
  • Professional Measurement and Verification (M&V). This ensures:
    • Full access and qualification for all available capital incentives on energy efficiency initiatives.
    • Full ROI, NPV and Payback evaluation to validate projects and help prioritize capital budgeting for future projects.
    • Certain ability to meet and publish corporate objectives for sustainability and social responsibility.
Lowering Energy Costs & Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  Legacy Project installations are completed on budget and on schedule. There are minimal disruptions as our projects dovetail seamlessly into existing operations. Energy savings are instant and proven. Energy Project Incentives The Ontario SaveON Energy incentive program can provide funding toward 50% or more of actual eligible energy saving project costs. back to top