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High Efficiency Lighting

Good quality lighting in a working facility is an important safety consideration and it can contribute to greater productivity. Proper lighting design and installation can be complex and is a specialty and a professional discipline in itself.


Manufacturing facilities traditionally spend 5-10% of their energy costs on lighting. In recent years, developments and advancements in the revolutionary LED lighting industry have led to a lot of excitement.

However, LED fixtures have more in common with computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices than they do with traditional lighting systems. For early adapters, this evolution in lighting has created a lot of confusion and much disappointment as far as payback and reliability.

Legacy has a great deal of expertise with LED lighting. We can advise and assist with the selection of efficient and reliable LED fixtures and light management controls. Our contribution involves performing life-cycle analysis that reflects the true cost of ownership and the savings that can be achieved. We can also help plan and carry out the installations.

Photometric Analysis and area lighting design can also achieve significantly improved lighting conditions, greater safety and greater employee productivity.

A competently designed and installed LED lighting system can lead to energy savings of 60-90%.


The SaveON Energy Program can provide significant funding to help achieve payback in 12 months or less.

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