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Refrigeration AC EfficiencyIt is estimated that 15-20% of the world’s total energy consumption is used for cooling and air conditioning. Cooling compressors are used everywhere for cooling of food, air conditioning, heat pumps and dehumidification.  The costs for cooling are often hidden in the electricity bill but it often represents 40-60% of the total costs.

The majority of cooling systems don’t function as efficiently as they should. A few years after installation, the heat-exchange efficiency of a cooling system can depreciate by as much as 30%, resulting in higher energy costs and increased Greenhouse Gas emissions. In order to decrease energy consumption there is a need to know how efficiently the equipment works.

Legacy works with professionals to employ best-practice methods to study and analyze cooling and heating processes. Our objective is to discover ways to optimise the functionality and daily operations of heat pumps, refrigeration chillers and air conditioning equipment and systems.

chillersPortable Analyzers and Loggers along with sophisticated sensor equipment are available to do a detailed efficiency analysis. This type of Monitoring and Targeting equipment is affordable and can also be installed permanently to provide continuous efficiency feedback.

We use our experience and proven solutions to increase energy efficiency and achieve energy savings of 10-40%. In the process, we also help contribute to increased plant reliability, reduced equipment wear and lower operating expenses.

Incentives for High Efficiency Incentives, such as the SaveONEnergy Program, can help achieve payback in 12 months or less. back to top